Features and Benefits

CSF Impermeability : Redura™ is hydrophobic with more than 90 contact angle which acts as a watertight barrier for the prevention of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Leakage. It attains a favorable dural closure, preventing common complications associated with CSF Leakage.
High Strength and No-Swelling : Redura™ achieves excellent tensile strength, strong enough for positioning and repositioning of the product during operative handling. The biomaterial does not swell and can be easily unfolded after hydration without tearing.
Excellent Conformity : Redura™ is flexible and conforms to the contours of the brain very well after hydration, limit the risk of foreign body reaction, and mitigate the possibility of immunological response.
Rapid Repair and Regenration : The biomimetic structure of Redura™ resembles to the microstructure of native dural matrix, providing an appropriate trestle for cells proliferation, rapidly repairing the defective area.
Flexible Surgical Application : With the advantage of thinness, softness and high strength, Redura TM is easy and simple to apply with flexibility.
Superior Anti-adhesion Ability : The unique material property of Redura TM endows the product favourable anti-adhesion ability to surrounding tissues, which has been proved by low adheasion risk in tens of thousands of clinical cases.